Friday, October 3, 2008

It passed!

Yes, the house bailout plan just passed!

I know not everyone is excited about this bill passing, but to me it just seems like the best thing we can do to prevent a disaster in the near future. When the first version of the bill didn’t pass the House my immediate thoughts were, “Come on people- work together! Stop being so selfish!”

However, I know not everyone feels this way, so I created a poll on the top left of my blog asking people whether they are happy about the bailout plan or not. What are your thoughts on this newly passed financial plan? Add your comment below and make sure to vote in my poll on this issue!

1 comment:

Miss Thrifty said...

I am pleased! Although my perspective is a selfish one: here in Europe, we're counting on the bail-out to bring a little more stability to our markets too.