Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carnival of Money Stories: Edition #81

Welcome to this week's edition of Carnival of Money Stories, I’m SoCal Savvy and I’m very excited to be hosting this event!

I am pleased to welcome all new readers to SoCal Savvy. I’m newly married and out-of-work. On one income I’m making our bucks stretch and still enjoying everything Southern California has to offer us. I want to save a buck, but also enjoy life as a twenty-something in the city. It’s a process, but I want to share what I’ve learned and get feedback from others!

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There were many submissions to the carnival this week, but many were not "money stories" or "money experiences" as specified by the carnival guidelines. (If you’ve never hosted a carnival you wouldn’t believe how many self-promoting ads and much spam there is!) Here are the submissions that made the cut:

Editor's Picks
Being creative pays off big time for The Personal Financier

Personal Finance Analyst provides five funny ideas on what to do with your gas guzzler. However: I’m not sure I’d want my mother-in-law to live in my driveway….

If you had revealed your deepest, darkest financial secret to Broke Grad Student you could have won a computer!

The Stylist Tycoon proves that you can reverse credit card fees.

Ask Mr. Credit Card poses a scenario where you are asked to help your son by co-signing the loan, and the possible bleak result.

Soon to be Debt Free writes what happens when you wrestle with inner demons- and lawn mowers.

Ever wonder if those politicians really know what their talking about? The Wandering Tax Pro gives them an earful.

Market Crisis
Advice from an old classmate of Joe Manausa

Maintaining an even keel in a topsy-turvy market, simple advice from Uncommon Cents.

Which investor do you see yourself in? Money and Such reviews how three investor friends have responded to the roller coaster stock market.

Asset allocation can be a retirement saver in this fictional scenario put forth by No Debt Plan

A needless run on the bank as viewed by Cash Money Life.

The topic of risk is explored by Investing School.

A reminder that we could all learn from our mistakes was presented by Stock Market Investing For Beginners

The Investor’s Journal.Com takes a look back his first stock purchase… ahhh… the naïve days…

Now if only I lived next door to Oprah… Actorlicious provides 10 tips to gaining wealth.

Real Estate
To List or Not To List? BeThisWay ponders the question.

Wow-weee, Not the Jet Set finds a good surprise on a mortgage statement.

The bleak reality of neighborhood foreclosures by Funny about Money

Hopefully not too many people are indulging in the unintended consequence described by Kirby on Finance.

Serendipity is brutally honest with what it is like to be in foreclosure.

Don’t we all fear getting ripped off by the mechanic? Just this happens to Debt Prison and he’s steaming mad at them!

What would happen to your goals if your expected bonus didn’t come? Budgets are $exy reevaluates.

A good deal for the East Coast commuting contingency presented by BluePrint for Financial Prosperity.

Harvesting Dollars didn’t get the pink slip, but wonders about those who did.

The most magical mailbox belongs to Almost Frugal as she got over five hundred euro in checks and a 6% interest rate on her French ING account! (My own California mailbox is quite jealous!)

Constructive complaining can be lucrative as Two Pennies Earned shows.

Another pet peeve of mine- pressure driven sales! Living Almost Large has a bad experience with a rude HVAC serviceman.

Financial Wellness Project loses money on free books because it is so easy to do so.

Until Debt Do Us Part reminds us that we all must take care of ourselves when tackling tough issues.

Saving even $14 is a big deal for Free Money Finance

MoneyNing shows that money philosophies can be handed down from father to son.

Thanks to everyone for submitting such great work! Tune in next week to blog host The Financial Wellness Project for the 82nd Carnival of Money Stories.

~SoCal Savvy


Little Thomas @ soontobedebtfree.com said...

Thanks for taking the time to host the Carnival of Money Stories! You did a great job. I also appreciate you choosing my blog entry to be included.

Patrick said...

Thanks for hosting! :)

Budgets are Sexy said...

thank you much :)

Funny about Money said...

Great job on the carnival! Thanks for including Funny's squib on the fate of Dave's Used Car Lot, Marina, and Weed Arboretum. :-)

Mitz said...

it's my first time to join a blog carnival. thanks for posting my story!

i'm looking forward to joining more. thanks for introducing me to this :) great hosting!

Broke Grad Student said...

Thanks for putting together the carnival! It definitely takes a lot of effort to sort through all of the submission spam. Also, I'm honored to be an editor's choice and hope you had fun looking through everyone's deepest, darkest financial secrets.

Nichole said...

Thanks for choosing my story! It feels so good to get our story out there. Hopefully it will help someone :)

Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

Thanks for including me- great job!

Alex said...

Thanks for all the quality links.


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