Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An extra helping of credit

It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for the financial markets and I’ve seen tons of talking heads saying, “Credit Crunch” like hungry children demanding a breakfast cereal. Consequently, I’ve been watching my credit card limits to see if they would shrink like the pundits predicted.

So, I was fairly flabbergasted when both my husband and I got notices that our credit limits have been extended. Extended- as in they are giving us more credit.

These are on two separate individual credit cards by different companies. Now the cynical side of me thinks that these companies are hoping something bad is going to befall us and hope that we use their card.

However, on the brighter side, this is great for our credit scores since we pay off our balances every month.

Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone else been offered more credit? Or happen to have a theory of why I have been?

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