Wednesday, October 1, 2008

78th Carnival of Money Stories

My blog on Murphy was featured in 78th Carnival of Money Stories hosted by Funny About Money! I always love getting the little email that says you’ve been accepted and that I can read some of the best of the week’s postings all in one spot!

So here are my favorites of the favorite:

Proof that it can be done:
Dividends4Life figures out a way to make blog income grow.

Free Money Finance's movie theater manager jumps into The Great Debate over Sneaking Popcorn into Movie Theaters, and the readers’ debate grows hotter.

While I’m not in total agreement with her title, this well-written strong mama article is fun to read!

Who doesn’t love a cute family story?
The Life Less Traveled features a Family Downsizes Life to a Camper, the Open Road, and Adventures Rich in Simple Pleasures.

Short. Simple. Who doesn’t like a good limerick?
Madeleine Begun KaneMad Kane’s Humor Blog Wall Street Woes

I’ve got the "LALALA!" feeling and so does The Digerati LifeFinancial Crisis in the Media: Is the Economic Crisis Overhyped?

Another example of why big business isn’t always smart is exhibited by GraceGraceful Retirement Are We Sure Our Banks Know What They Are Doing?

Kelly at Almost Frugal highlights reality with Three Life Lessons Learned Last Week.

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BeThisWay said...

Thanks for including my post in your roundup, and lots of mama kisses for thinking it well-written!

I have to say I'm unsure of what you don't agree with. The title of my blog, or the title of the post? Both? I'd love to hear from you!

BeThisWay, blogging at:
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