Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Carnies are taking over!

Yes, I know another carnival! This time it was the 79th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories hosted by Living Almost Large. Featured was my story about saving money on car insurance- and I don’t suggest that you have to follow that talking gecko!

Also good were:

It’s a tear jerker- Do you appreciate what you have? posted at Gather Little by Little.

Ask for discounts, my hubby is good at this, and apparently so is A Good Money Day! posted at SimplyForties.

Haha.. everyone loves a limerick- Dear “Everyday Working Class” Sarah posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness

A book I also love was reviewed at Actorlicious

Painfully relevant job seeking advice- Looking for a Job? Here are 4 Steps to Find a Great One posted at ProsperingServant.com.

A common scene and relatable experience: Credit Card Companies Peddling On My College Campus posted at Trees Full of Money.

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Glblguy said...

Thanks for the link. It was a tear jerker when I wrote it too!