Monday, October 6, 2008

173rd edition of Carnival of Personal Finance

It’s up: 173rd edition of Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Girls Just Wanna Have Funds! I think this is the first time my blog has been mentioned in a real personal finance category. Yes, my blogs are normally relegated to the “Other” category (even if I select something different). However, this time I’m in the Economy section- whoo who! Check out my blog and some of my favorites from the Carnival!

LivingAlmostLarge presents what happens when people willingly want to Walk away from foreclosures

The Passive Dad presents Free Creative Ideas to Help Friends Facing Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

Orange Dealing with Money presents good basic advice on Women and Retirement.

The gold medal for explaining Mint goes to: Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: Review: Beautiful Money Management Tool

As an educator I found this blog especially interesting: Free College Education Exists by Destroy Debt

Looking at the alternative costs of the fiscal rescue plan: Free From Broke presents New Economic Stimulus Package - The $700 Billion Bailout

Cute but real suggestions during past hard times: Miss Thrifty presents Make Do And Mend: ‘Vogue’ for the Credit Crunch Bunch

As a psychology major I also loved: Greener Pastures presents The Psychology of Money - Neuropsychologists Study Spending Patterns at Auctions

I’ve always wondered how to do this: Ask Mr Credit Card presents How To Dispute An Item On Your Credit Report

Something that was on my “to-blog list” but Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck got there first! “Does anybody really believe that financial education is harmful? Apparently.”


Free From Broke said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Miss Thrifty said...

Thanks for highlighting my post on Make Do And Mend - I'm determined to find as many of these old books as I can! They have so many great tips.

Greener Pastures said...

Thanks for the nod! Psychology and money seem to go hand in hand. All those marketers out there, trying to get us to buy things.... they'll have every cell in our brains figured out before you know it!

I'll take a look at your article in economy. Nice blog you have here.


The Passive Dad said...

Thanks for including my post. I had some fantastic ideas from readers who helped make the list unique.

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck said...

Thanks for referencing my post about financial literacy. At least the Money article got us all fired up!