Thursday, June 11, 2009


I know I’ve been absent for quite some time, but I’m happy to say my first semester teaching went great! So great, in fact, that they offered me a full time position starting in the fall. Yippee! For the first time in my life, I’ll make a salary with- get this- benefits! Whoo-hoo!

Obviously, my financial goals are in need of a sprucing. Here’s a synopsis of my progress since last December:

2008 Roth IRA 3K- Met goal (although I had to steal from my other coffers)
15K New Car Fund- was: 24.5% Now: 23.65% (but hey, I made my ROTH IRA contribution for 2008)
14K Emergency Fund- was: 19% Now: 22.33%
100K DP Home Fund- was: 11.8% now: 23.83%
New: 2009 Roth IRA 3K: 10.04%

My paycheck working part-time was more like a stipend, but I feel with my new and improved paycheck that will start in the fall, that I’ll be able to make my ROTH IRA contribution (while contributing to a 403b) and hopefully increase my emergency fund substantially!

I’ve decided not to resume writing on this blog; however, I do hope to continue to update my PF progress. I feel it helps my be accountable to my goals, and keeps me focused.

But that’s enough about me- I want to thank all the full-time PF blogger for keeping up with their own blogs. I continue to enjoy reading them everyday, and I give everyone mad props for juggling full time work and continuing to publish quality content on their blog each and every day. Good job!