Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Point of View

I’m finishing up a couple of books on personal finance right now, and they all are ending the same way: talking about retirement. It's the last phase of one's financial life and they all talk about how to calculate how much money you’ll need, insurance needs, and about living out your dream retirement.

Which got me thinking: if I was older and wealthy enough to retire, what would I want it to look like?

After much thinking and long lists (happy family life, friends to visit, totally insured, morgage-less home, travel- just to name a few), I realized what I want most is to live somewhere beautiful and have an amazing view.

So I compiled a set of photos I’ve taken these last few years of locations that represent wealth for me (above). Some are waves crashing on foreign beaches while others are of a shack in the hills of Santa Cruz. All are slices of nature captured and mine forever on film.

In my mind these places are gorgeous! If I’m ever affluent enough to live somewhere so remarkable when I retire I know that I will certainly be: wealthy.

What does wealth look like to you?

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