Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gifting rules

I’m very excited about visiting my in-laws this weekend to go to a family wedding! No, really, I am. The issue that is hanging me up is trying to determine how much we should spend on the wedding present.

Generally, we spend about $50, but we spend more if it’s a close friend. These aren’t close friends, and there is an additional complication: we know how much they spent on our wedding present three weeks ago.

We know that they spent $30, and are in roughly the same situation as us (one income due to a recent move). So, to them, it probably wouldn’t seem odd if we spend about $30 on their wedding present.

The problem really is- that I feel kinda badly about this.
Like I have insider information and I’m acting on it.

My hubby says that it’s only fair to spend the same amount they spent on us given that we’re in similar financial situations. We’re financial equals- so gifts should be given using a tit-for-tat strategy. He has no problem with this, it’s his side of the family, and I’ve only met these people once before.

Why am I feeling so uncomfortable about this?
What is your rule for wedding gifts?

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