Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I spent this morning reviewing my financial picture for this month. Here it is so far:

Month Assets Liabilities Net Worth
Aug 08 $15,658 $16,727 ($1,069)
Jul 08 $15,480 $16,754 ($1,274)
May 08 $15,632 $16,870 ($1,238)

So basically my NetWorth is essentially flat-lining.
Yes, while I realize that this would conceptually happen if one does not have a job. However, it still sucks seeing it (like not having a job doesn’t already suck enough).

However, with our recent wedding we received some cash wedding gifts that we are putting in a MMA for a down payment on a house some day. In July we had only .1% of our goal in there and now we have 1%- we moved two whole decimal places! That’s serious money!

My other accounts inched up also:
My emergency fund: 18.3% to 18.4%
My new car fund: 23.8% to 23.9%
New Roth IRA fund: 40% to 50.1% (can you tell where my stimulus package went?)

Note: To keep my spouse’s privacy, I’m not counting in his NetWorth. All I’ll say is that thankfully, it is much better than mine (but then again he doesn’t have a M.A. to pay off…and he has a real job…)! The only information I’m revealing about our financial picture is our down payment on a house account.

Note2: Haha, I just saw the graph on my blog, doesn't it exaggerate the $200 increase I made? Wow, the scale of that is way off... maybe it's a sign- only up and away from here on out!

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