Monday, August 25, 2008

Gold Medal Blog

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at that famous bird’s nest in Beijing as we’ve attempted to watch all the Olympics by setting our DVR to record them all.

Yes, I said record them all. I have mastered the art of 4x fast forwarding through water polo (sorry- but on TV you can’t see much of what’s really going on) to get to the good stuff!

While some parts have paid off (Phelps races, watching a sorority sister’s efforts, all the great human interest stories…), we’re just now watching Wednesday evening’s events last night. So we’ve been avoiding the news networks so that some of the surprise remains intact for those events scheduled for the tail end of those two weeks.

Which is why I’m glad Broke Grad Student didn’t spill all the beans on the Carnival of Personal Finance that he just hosted (although we hadn't yet seen the 4x100 relay- grrrrr...). With his Olympic theme, he included my "Feathering the Nest" blog, which was very exciting!

To enjoy this round of fighting against our financial enemies please visit: here.

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Broke Grad Student said...

Whoops, didn't mean to be a spoiler. I didn't want to be THAT guy. I know how you feel though. It was annoying watching the Olympics coverage on the West coast with everything broadcast a couple hours later than the rest of the country. A few times I saw the results while checking the news on the Internet at work, but I went home and watched the "live" coverage on TV anyway.