Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top picks from the top picks

After a morning of more applications, I received a bunch of comments on my post: the 1950’s housewife. It turns out I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Banker Girl! Such a nice surprise- as I wasn’t sure how people would respond to that post.

Please check out all the entries including my favorites:

Not the Jet Set croons a financial lesson via a country song.

My Dad (my parent’s are my most frequent readers- Hi Mom and Dad!) would like Christian Finance's blog. This blogger is trying to convert a car to run on water. This is proving easier than walking on water, but still not an easy feat.

An ode for my husband (who so graciously backed me up in front of TheBigFatSexist): Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck writes how saving is like football- go 49ers!

A great list for those who are trying to save an extra buck was presented by Squakfox (sorry people- no fido, but please use condoms!).

Being in SoCal we can relate to Miss Thrifty’s home dreams.

No Debt Plan lays out ways to fight the fees (much like my husband did).

Frugal Fu has thoughts from the throne.


Miss Thrifty said...

Thanks for the mention! I can appreciate that those lovely homes in SoCal induce similar pangs of covetousness... When I was there, I spent a LOT of time gawping!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention! :)

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck said...

Thanks for the link. We here in New England are still grieving . . .