Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Update

Well, it’s been a lucky-number-seven month for me!

My retirement portfolio is up and my money market accounts are doing well. We had some extra cash, so I got to make an additional payment on my student loan. All of which brought me that much closer to a solvent NetWorth balance.
I’m now only three digits in the red- whoo-hoo! (Small victories people, small victories….)

Also, as the last few wedding presents trickled in, we put the checks in our down payment fund bringing it to a whopping 11% of our goal. As I stated above, my MM are earning 3%, so my new car fund inched up to 24.1%, my ROTH IRA 58.4%, and my emergency fund to 18.7%.

Overall, for still not having a job- I feel incredibly blessed!

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