Monday, September 8, 2008

The Eeyore post

I have some to realize, that in some part, I started this blog to help get myself prepared financially for the day I would have my own salary coming in. Even though I have experience teaching psychology and good recommendations from students and colleagues, I’ve reached the disappointing point where I’ve realized I won’t be hired on to any local junior college for fall term.

Although I have prepared for the worst in terms of money, I’m now applying for my backup job- substitute teaching. It’s not something I relish, indeed I’ve put it off for months with my need to be spending time planning the wedding (which is true...) but now it’s time.

I knew it could take a while to break into the JC system, but somehow I had hoped it would be different for me. All the organizing in the world couldn’t stop the tidal wave of disappointment from washing over me.

Of course, all this organizing, planning, and researching is in part for the desperate times- to make them easier. However, it still is never easy when those times come.

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