Monday, June 16, 2008

Role Models

While I’ve just embarked on this self-imposed fiscal education reading gurus suggestions; I’ve realized that some of this stuff I’ve always known, but it just wasn’t spelled out in a curriculum. Instead I picked up on it from my parent’s.

Yes, I’ve got financially responsible parents.

They owned their first house in their early 20’s
They moved up in quality of homes until the one they presently own (yes, they will own it outright very soon).
Both have graduate degrees, of which my Mom went back and got at age 50.
They also chose professions that they loved- teaching. Had good benefits and time to raise me, even if they could have earned more in another field.
In a world where women tend to make 70% of a male’s salary, my mom earned as much as my dad.
They have recently ended those careers to take on hobbies and other social pursuits at the early ages of 57 and 59.

I’ve already missed the mark of owning my home at such an early age, but I’m starting a career also in education which will allow me to be a forever student and have flexibility for family down the road.

I have a lot to live up to, and I’m thankful for their good example.

Happy retirement Mom and Dad!


QL girl said...

Wow! Very impressive...they're fairly young and retired. Thats what I hope to accomplish someday. While I wasn't fortunate enough to have such a great example, I think I've learned a lot from my parents as well...I know what I DON'T want my kids to have to go through.

(Your mother sounds like a very admirable woman! Definitely a great role model...)

So Cal Savvy said...

Thank you!