Friday, June 13, 2008

Instant pay raise!

It appeared in the credit card statement, innocuous but once I saw it I knew what it was…

When my fiancé got his offer letter it clearly stated full health insurance for him and his future wife under group coverage. This was great because I have a minor heart problem and we were afraid I’d be denied coverage under individual plans. Then the way the company hired him, he actually had to get individual health insurance that they would reimburse him for.

We were glum.
We knew there was a chance that I wouldn’t be covered. After four faxes of information and release forms and many many phone calls, they finally had all the information they needed to make their decision.

Then, last night, my fiancé checked his credit card statements and low and behold there were two charges from the health insurance company (one markedly higher than the other, but none the less) Two!

Sure enough, I was accepted! The coverage looks great, and his company is reimbursing us for the monthly premium. It literally adds thousands of dollars to his salary. Since any job I get at a college will be adjunct (and won’t have any benefits) this reinforces that health insurance is an integral part of a salary package. This is like getting a 13% pay raise!

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