Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun and cheap activity of the week

In my last blog I mentioned that we are not going to give up having fun in order to be financially savvy. We are interested in finding a balance of enjoying our city and preparing for the future.
You should know that we love food.
Really love food- so my suggestion for the fun and cheap activity of the week is:
Going to get frozen yogurt at 21 Choices.

Don’t look at me like that with those-oh-you're-such-a-Californian-yuppie sneers!

This place is quality- it’s incredibly thick and decadent.

They also have a variety of frozen yogurts like: Snickerdoodle (Made with warm cinnamon and sweet cookie dough) or Purple Pineapple (Non Fat: Made with boysenberries and pineapples) or even Chocolate Covered Banana (Made with fresh organic bananas, chocolate yogurt, and chocolate chips). Yes, those are just the frozen yogurts- you still can add stuff to them!

It’s also a local, responsible, and independent business that has lines out the door when one could walk into the nearby Cold Stone or Pinkberry.

Here’s how we do it:
~Go to the website and see the flavors of the day: http://www.21choices.com/ They change daily, but always have a basic flavor (vanilla or chocolate) and a fat-free flavor.
~Get on our bikes and ride to the Old Town area of Pasadena. 21 Flavors is located at the corner of Colorado & Delacey
~Stand in line and plan what goodies I want to add to my frozen yogurt.
~They will ask you if you want some samples. I recommend doing this! People routinely ask to try all five-six flavors. Live it up and try them all!
~Enjoy your creation!

Small: $3.25
Medium: $4.25
Large: $5.25
Add-ins: $0.95
*Hint: If you just want frozen yogurt without any add-ins or toppings go over by the cash register. There is an express line that in normally sans wait time.

My favorite combinations:
The go-for-it combination: Double Oreo yogurt (Oreo and marshmallows) plus cookie dough
The my-pants-are-tight BUT I-need-a-treat: Peach yogurt (fat-free!) plus organic strawberries

We love riding our bikes here and it’s also accessible by Metro (Memorial Park or Del Mar). We like to go really late (11:30pm) and take it outside, lean on the building and watch the drunken clubbers, absurdly plastic women, and college kids walk by.

It’s everything the kids in you wants and it’s an experience for less than $10 per couple.
*Photo: From left to right and top to bottom
a, b, c- glamor shots of my melting cookie dough yogurt with Reese's peanutbutter cups added
d- view from across the street
e, f- shots taken inside
g, h, i- entry, sign, hours of operation

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