Friday, June 27, 2008

Not so Minty fresh

In an effort to “meld minds” financially with my significant other, I’ve been trying to map out our finances to see where we are as individuals. I figured if we could see where our money is spent and saved we could further refine savings goals for the future. I’d been having a hard time, so I turned to the software program Mint to try and organize all our accounts.

It was working perfectly; it is a great tool- except for the accounts with additional security questions. For some reason, it can’t access those accounts.

This, of course, leaves us with an incomplete picture of our finances as a couple. It begs the questions:

Has anyone else had this problem?
If yes, how do you fix it?

And more importantly, do we have to have it all figured out before enacting steps to save as a couple?

Or should we start somewhere and figure it out along the way?


GG @ This Writer's Wallet said...

Ugh, I understand.

Mint has been fantastic for me, except it does have its glitches. For me, it won't pick up my GAP credit card (OK, fine) and double-records some of my purchases (big pain).

Right now, I mainly use it for the charts and because I really like the new investments feature where I can track my stock performance. I still record my budget through Budget by Snowmint's program. I like using color-coded envelopes (at least for now).

But there are lots of other good programs, just not free like Mint.

Good luck!

P.S.--have you tried contacting them for help?

So Cal Savvy said...

Yeah, I like the charts too. I’ve emailed them and they emailed back:

“IMPORTANT NOTE: Some site changes by ING, which may include security questions that aren't available on our forms, may be affecting your ability to add ING accounts to Changing the security questions to match the questions available on our form, if available, *might*assist. If not, please keep an eye on our forums ( for updates (our provider is aware of the issue & they are working on the additional security questions).”

How do you see your investments and track their performance? Whenever I click on my investment accounts it says, “This feature is currently being built and will be available to all mint users soon!” (Yes, there really is an exclamation point…).