Monday, June 9, 2008

Budget blown

So- I was fairly excited about the David Bach budget.

That is, until I sat down with our expenses.

Granted, we’re living on one income right now, but we’re not saving anything.
The last few months living in a more expensive city have been- well more expensive. Plus, before I was bringing in some income with student jobs and student loans. Now, I’m not.

So where do we cut back?
Housing expenses?
Move to a cheaper apartment? No way in hell. Moving was horrible. We argued more in those two weeks of moving than we did in the previous seven years. Not a chance.

We already have efficient light bulbs, prefer to open windows than air-conditioning, and don’t leave electrical appliances on. He has a fuel efficient car, and I bike everywhere… so I guess not here.

His is almost paid off, and I’ve owned mine outright since I bought it. No cutbacks here either.

No house phone, and He found a good deal when I updated my phone in January.

Groceries are so expensive here. This might be an area to cut back in, I’ve got an idea for a post on groceries stores later on…
Dining out. Yes, we do it once a week. We don’t order alcohol much or desserts or appetizers. I don’t see this as a place to cut back- we moved to downtown to live in down town. We want to experience it, not just live above it.

Personal expenses?
Yes, always there is room to cut back here. Wedding stuff isn’t cheap, but it will be done in two months (without any CC debit for us). So hopefully this will resolve itself. I like shopping as much as the next girl, but I’ve been the same size since I was 10-years-old. I keep wearing my stuff longer than I probably should. He is good about spending too, no over indulgences in boy toys.

So now what?
I guess this will be alleviated when I get a job. I’m applying like crazy and have been for the last four months. I’m hoping a Fall position will be in my future.
But until then….

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